Nescafé Coffee (Malaysia)

Nescafe Coffee Logo

Malaysia is widely known for its culture and heritage but it also produces one of the best coffee beans in South East Asia. Nescafé Malaysia carefully hand selects these fine coffee beans to produce premium quality coffee products, such as the 3-in-1 coffee, the Ipoh White Coffee, and the Ready-to-Drink Coffee Can.

Zendori Matcha Green Tea (USA)

Zendori is a zen-driven healthy lifestyle brand, which aims to inspire people to living a healthy life through the exploration of Japanese matcha green tea powder and inspirational art. Zendori matcha is handcrafted in the Nishio & Kyoto regions of Japan. It is irresistibly creamy, aromatic and zen-packed with health benefits, such as high level of antioxidants, long lasting energy, metabolism boost as well as improved focus. Zendori matcha is available in 2 grades–Ceremonial Grade (pure drinking) and Culinary Grade (make smoothies & bake). Both grades are available in the organic versions and are certified Kosher.

Old Town Coffee

What makes OLDTOWN White Coffee tastefully different and stand out as the true white coffee brand? On top of our perfect blend with 3 types of premiums beans, and brewed with the same roasting process as when it was first created, we also strive to deliver the best in our products by keeping true to a system that adheres to diligent R&D through our many years of experience. All this to ensure that our customers are able to enjoy the best white coffee every time, and there is a product to suite all different coffee lovers out there!

Golden Malted

Since 1937, the best hotels and restaurants around the world have been serving Carbon’s® Golden Malted® Waffles and Pancakes. Now you can enjoy these hot, fluffy waffles and pancakes in the comfort of your own home!

A Cup of Colorado Tea

Once you have been to the Rockies you will love them forever and what a wonderful way to remember them than to sit down and enjoy A Cup of Colorado!

Tabasco Brand


McIlhenny Company produces TABASCO® Brand products, which are sold in more than 180 countries and territories around the world and labeled in 22 languages and dialects.

5 Sparrows

5 Sparrows Stevia Cocoa Mixes, Naturally Sweetened with Stevia, Sugar Free, Gluten & Lactose Free


Zendori Inspirational Art (USA)

Zendori inspirational art brings positive vibes to every corner of the world through its meaningful message and art design. Zendori art is proudly made in the USA with high quality materials as well as very fine craftmanship. The art designs are currently available in 13-ply Russian birch solid wood and poster print on canvas paper.

Decaleco Removable Wall Decals (USA)

Decaleco Wall Decals Logo

Decaleco Removable Wall Decals are made of premium quality vinyl right in the USA. Unlike the regular wall stickers found in the store, these wall decals are very thin and do not have clear contour to create a painted-like effect when install on the walls. Designs are available in 24 colors and custom/exclusive designs can be made to meet your needs.

Marla Rae Inspirational Quote Wood Art (USA)

Young America Shop offers exclusive art pieces designed by artist Marla Rae. Marla Rae is an American artist whose passion is to create art pieces that are not only beautiful but also inspirational and meaningful. A lot of her work feature inspiring quotes that are catchy and are mesmerizingly beautiful to look at. She is known for her designs that feature a country wood-collage look also known as her ‘Wooden Cafe Mounted Wall Art’ collection.



100% Natural Heating and Cooling Packs for Kids. These heating packs are unique and effective because of Thermal-Aids patented manufacturing process.

Eat Cleaner


The only all natural, patented produce wash, Eat Cleaner® is the tasteless, odorless and lab-tested line of food wash and wipes that is up to 99.9% more effective than water in cleaning wax, pesticide residues and bacteria from commercially and organically grown produce.


Cuepido Cosmetics (USA)

Cuepido Healthy Makeup Logo

Cuepido set out a mission to create a line of makeup that is SIMPLE yet HEALTHY to revolutionize the beauty industry. Cuepido cosmetics line is carefully formulated with skin goodness ingredients, such as Vitamin A, C, E, flower & plant extracts, jojoba oil, and more. All products are made in the USA and are free from Parabens, Phthalates, Triclosans, Sulfates, Glutens, BPA or Synthetic Fragrances. Their products are also certified cruelty-free by PETA, absolutely no animal testing done.